The Five Scariest Cars You Should Avoid On Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and your probably buying candy or discounted wheels from rimsdealer. We've compiled a list of the five scariest cars to avoid on Halloween. Without a costume, these cars are scary, creepy and spooky rolled into one. Which one is the scariest to your mortal soul?

Mercury Marauder

Pontiac Aztek

Rolls Royce Phantom Jonckheere

Ford Pinto

Hummer H1 Alpha

Vorax – The 100% Brazilian Designed Supercar

Ladies and Gentleman, you are looking at the Vorax. The Vorax is a 100% Brazilian designed supercar. The car was made entirely in Brazil with the exception of the motor. It took over eight years to develop the design but now you can get your hands on one for $700,000. The Vorax also has a spicy version that goes 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. Which rims would fit these bad boys the best?