Audi A5 2.0T on 19 inch custom wheels (Client Review)

Here’s a happy client testimonial all the way from Nebraska. We are very glad with the results. His car looks awesome. Check it out:


The wheels are now on and I think they (the whole car) look amazing!!!

I am so thankful that our paths crossed as you were a pleasure &
professional to work with and I am sincerely appreciative of that!
Here are some pictures of the wheels/car and the custom center caps (which
are unique and really make that wheel pop with the Audi logo).

You made this purchase most enjoyable and easy I am just wanted to start the
week by saying, thank you kindly!!

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Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback….WE APPRECIATE IT

For the past 7 years, rimsdealer has received many complaints, reviews, and feedback on purchases with us. We have setup many new customer service strategies and processes to improve our service to the customer. None of this would be possible if customers just purchased from us and ran. Our new services means a lot too us and we consider this a great achievement thanks to all of our dedicated customers.

Here is an update on our company:

*Shipping over 100 sets a day
*Lowest prices on the world wide web for custom rims and tires
*Currently hold the best machinery for mounting and high speed balancing

rimsdealer complaints=

We could not have succeeded in these achievements if it was not for those rimsdealer complaints, reviews, and feedbacks sent to us over the years.

rimsdealer Management,

Review this customers new 24" rims purchased from us

Evan needed something to spice up his GMC Pickup truck. He came to us for help on selecting custom wheels and tires.

Here is the finished product. So far he has not received any complaints, and is very happy with his purchase.

Keep up the good work Evan, the truck looks great.

Wheel Brand – U2
Rim Model – 55A
Size – 24×10

GMC U2 55A

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Review Hector's 1980 Corolla looking clean – Rosedale, MD

30 year old Corolla looking fresh.

This customers Corolla is looking very clean. He is running staggered XXR 513's in Hyper-Silver, 16X7 – front, 16×8 in the rear.

Here at rims dealer, our experts can get your application into a set of wheels regardless of the year it was manufactured.

Contact our experts today!
So far Hector has not received any complaints as of yet.

1980 Corolla Custom
1980 Corolla Custom
1980 Corolla Custom

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Review Synthia's Acura TSX on 20" Wheels and Tires – Saint Calixte QC, Canada

Shopping all the way from Canada, check out this customers TSX.

She is running 20×8.5 Ruff Racing R281's in black gloss. The wheels are wrapped in Achilles ATR Sport summer tires.

Follow up with us if you decide to lower your suspension, we would like to see updated pictures.

We have to admit, she made an excellent choice of wheels for her car. Keep up the great work…

No complaints

Acura TSX R28

Acura TSX R28

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rimsdealer complaints

Jereme's JDM Honda Civic on Fresh New Wheels and Tires Miami, FL no complaint

Check out this returning customer's new wheels!

He is running Axis OG Sans 15×8 with a 25 offset. He went with gunmetal gloss as his color of choice with a Polished Lip. His lowered suspension definitely compliments these wheels on his clean vehicle.

The (JDM) Japanese Domestic Market look is becoming well known Nationwide. Let rims dealer be your direct source!

Wheel Visualizer

Wheel Visualizer

rims dealer Honda Civic Wheels Collection