Facebook page has Red Rims day

Check this out. This Facebook fan page is featuring only Red Rims today.



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Free Fast & Furious 4 Movie Collection DVD Set With Dodge Test Drive


Dodge is pulling out all the stops to promote the new Fast Five movie. Dodge has a new promotion going on. Head to your nearest Dodge dealership and a test drive a car and you can get your hands on a free Fast & Furious 4 Movie Collection DVD Set. Its a pretty sweet deal especially if you can get your hands on a Dodge Charger. Head to http://www.dodgetestdrive.com sign up.

New Homepage Features

In the effort to better serve our customers we now have new features at our homepage. There are now the featured wheel and featured tire with the most competitive prices in the market. Plus an easy access to the Rims Visualizer App that allows you preview rims on your own vehicle before you buy. So, you can test as many rims as you want to see how they look on your car. We are also now featuring the latest blog posts so you can keep up with what is going on in the car tuning industry and vehicle customization.

New Wheels Nex Homepage
rimsdealer.com Homepage

Start Your Own Car Garage On Facebook With Car Town

Farmville may have your Mom on Facebook for hours trimming plants buts it about time a game comes along for the car enthusiast to jump on. Welcome to Car Town. Car Town is a Facebook game where you can open up your own garage and drag races thousands of cars. I’m driving a 2007 Chevy Silverado and make my money from drag racing and fixing up cars. So if your looking for a game to feed your car addiction, jump on Car Town.

Cobra iRadar for Android Hitting Stores Soon

Cobra debuted its iRadar for Android at SxSw the other day. The iRadar is a smartphone integrated radar and laser detection app and works with a Bluetooth detector. The combo provides radar and laser alerts, but also alerts you of photo enforcement zones and road hazards via the integrated GPS. In a few months an update will come out with speed trap logging and notifications.