Rumor – Toyota Making A Prius Truck

The Prius goes plural with an expanding family of new Prius. Detroit was the debut of the latest entries to the Prius family but word is getting around that Toyota is working on a Prius Truck. Toyota is looking to revive the A-BAT hybrid pickup concept that was shown off in 2008. Hybrid and aero dynamic, the truck would make a perfect fit in the Prius family.

The SEMA Awards 2011  Hottest Car Award

Every year SEMA announces the Hottest car award. The car must be new or new look for the car. The car must also feature a new piece of technology. Check out this year's contenders and let us know who should win.

Audi A4

Chevrolet Camaro

Dodge Challenger

Ford Fiesta

Ford Mustang

Honda CR-Z

Hyundai Sonata

Kia Soul

Lexus IS

Mazda 2

Scion tC

Subaru Impreza

Nissan Leaf Cranks Out 116 Miles On A Single Charge

The world might not be ready for the worlds first affordable electric car, but the Nissan Leaf is here. After a recent test drive, the Nissan Leaf was able to drive 116.1 miles off of a single charge. With all the tax benefits and money saved from not buying gas, you should have plenty of space in your pockets for that special something you wanted to pick up. This is going to be a great daily commute car to add to your garage. Make sure to complete your new Nissan Leaf with new wheels.

Lexani Executive Limo E/4 for sale

We all have heard about Lexani and the high end luxurious wheels they bring to the market. Lexani has now blasted through the limo industry by offering one of the most precious executive vehicle in the market. The Lexani E/4 has a Cadillac Escalade stretched frame with tons of custom features. 26″ custom rims, wine cooler, satellite TV, multiple Ipads, recline able custom seating, custom lighting, are just some of the many features this bad boy has to offer. Lexani is planning on stocking these so call us today if you are interested in purchasing one.

Lexani E/4 Price – $230,000.00 USD

Lexani E4 Limo
Lexani E4 Limo
Lexani E4 Limo
Lexani E4 Limo
Lexani E4 Limo
Lexani E4 Limo
Lexani E4 Limo