2006 Dodge Charger On Helo HE851 Rims

Another satisfied rimsdealer customer with a fresh ride. We have Francis Mack with his 2006 Dodge Charger from Fort Washington riding on 22 inch Helo HE851 rims. Check out what Francis had to say about his rimsdealer experience.

“..just wanted to tell you the helo wheels i brought from you all are awsome, and thanks for all your help”

Nissan Leaf Wheel Packages

Nissan Leaf was named car of the year, and it's well deserved. Why not treat your Nissan Leaf to a set of new wheels. Using the rimsdealer Rims Visualizer, you can check out how a set of new rims would look on your new Nissan Leaf. Below are a few examples of some beautiful rims on the Nissan Leaf. Head over to RimsDealer to see how your car would look with new wheels.

2008 Nissan 350Z On Gram Light 57s Pro

Here at rimsdealer, we have the opportunity to give our customers the best deals on wheels and tires. Today we're going to feature another satisfied customer by the name of Bradley Markoff. We have his 2008 Nissan 350z on 19″ Gram Light 57s Pro wheels with a titanium lip. The State of Stance crew stopped by rimsdealer HQ to check out the madness.

Honda Civic On Enkei RSV

We here at rimsdealer aims to please all of our customers and love to hear feedback from you guys. Today we're going to feature a 2005 Honda Civic from one of our customers. We fitted his Fiji Blue Honda Civic with 17″ Bronze Enkei RSV wheels. We appreciate the feedback and continue to send us your pictures on the rimsdealer Official Facebook Page. Stay tuned for more customer wheels in the future.


Here at rims dealer we really appreciate our customers business and look forward to hearing from them. On that note… This sweet ride comes to us from Chad Hubert, a fellow Florida resident. His 2001 Honda Prelude is sitting pretty on a set of R1 Hype's, wrapped in Achilles ATR sport tires. Chad's extensive and tasteful aftermarket work has really come together with the addition of these R1's. Any tuner can admire the sick paint job, “neck breaking” body kit and (of course) beautiful wheels he has selected. Keep up the good work Chad!

Shop for your Honda @ rimsdealer.com

Customer of the Month: 1958 Chevy Bel Air on 18" Boss 338

Talk about custom cars and old school style. This 1958 Chevy Bel Air has it all. Keith Henderson the owner of this beautiful ride was having trouble finding rims and tires for his classic, and then he called rimsdealer.com. He spoke with one of our most knowledgable sales technicians, Junior. Junior gave him the setup that perfectly complemented his classic style. This Chevy Bel Air is sporting Boss 338 Chrome wheels with a +2 offset. The wheels are wrapped in Falken ZE-912 tires in size 225/45/18. Congrats Keith!

Car of the Month: Nissan Maxima on 22 Inch AM Forged Prime 3-Piece

Nissan just revamped the Maxima. The car has truly deep wheel space and can now easily take up a set of 22 inch rims and look good doing it. This month's customer ride of the month is a real impressive ride. This brand new Nissan Maxima was equipped with 22 inch AM Forged Prime 3-Piece wheels. These are truly custom rims as the wheels were color matched to the pearl white color of the car and accented with machined windows. This custom Maxima owner went all out and it shows. Congrats! To get more details on the AM Forged Prime 3-Piece wheel just click on any of the pictures below to link to the products detail page on rimsdealer.com….