Zyoxx Wheels and Rims Added to rimsdealer.com!

Ever wish you could change the look of your wheels in seconds depending on your mood? With the new Zyoxx Wheels and Rims drivers can do exactly that. rimsdealer.com has just add Zyoxx Wheels and Rims to their already huge selection of brands. Zyoxx specializes in black wheels, chrome wheels, staggered wheels, and wheels with inserts and caps. In fact, Zyoxx Wheels have inserts and caps for their wheels in all the following colors: red, dark red, blue, chrome, black, and silver.

Check out this sample of the Zyoxx ZX-8 on a new Ford Mustang. The Zyoxx ZX-8 is one of Zyoxx Wheels best sellers. These Zyoxx ZX-8 wheels are finished in chrome with the chrome inserts. These inserts are interchangeable with any of the Zyoxx ZX-8 wheels other insert colors or can be used without inserts at all. If you would like to get pricing and sizing information on the Zyoxx ZX-8, just click on any wheel to go the Zyoxx Wheels page on rimsdealer.com.

NEW 2008: 5-Zigen ProRacer ZR+520 17" and 18" Wheels Rims

5-Zigen is known world-wide as a staple of the Japanese race circuit. Every 5-Zigen wheel is made in Japan with exacting tolerances just like their Formula One race wheels. For 2008 5-Zigen offers up a spectacular wheel name the 5-Zigen ProRacer ZR+520. The 5-Zigen ProRacer ZR+520 comes in 17 inch wheels, as well as 18 inch wheels. The 5-Zigen ProRacer ZR+520 is available in hyperblack, chrome, and bronze. The 5-Zigen ProRacer ZR+520 fitments also include staggered fitments for rear-wheel-drive vehicles such as the 350Z, G35/37, RX7, etc. This sleek 6-Spoke Split design from 5-Zigen Wheels has already become one of the year's hottest sellers. Check out some samples of vehicles with the 5-Zigen ProRacer ZR+520, or click on the wheels to go the wheels product page on rimsdealer.com to get all pricing and sizing information.

NEW 2008: Giovanna Wheels Koko Kuture Bezel System


WTW, the manufacturer of Giovanna, Gianelle, GFG, G-Racing, and DBL-G wheels is the pinnacle of the luxury wheel industry. For 2008, WTW is presenting a new brand to add to their line-up, Koko Kuture. This line of wheels will be a multi-piece wheel line of very distinct styles in Chrome and Machined Face w/ Black color finishes.


Even more important is that the Koko Kuture brand is the flagship for the Koko Couture Bezel System that can be used on almost all WTW wheels for 2008, including Giovanna and Gianelle. The Bezel System consists of a system of 7 interchangeable, colored ABS plastic bezels that attach to the lip of the wheel. This allows the users to change the color of the lip of their wheels in minutes. As we already mentioned, the Bezel System is available for most chrome and black Giovanna wheels, Gianelle wheels, Giovanna Forged wheels, DBLG wheels, and Koko Kuture wheels.

Below are some examples of some of Giovanna Wheels, Gianelle Wheels, and Koko Kuture Wheels with various colors of the Bezel System applied. Below are also some great examples of vehicles with the Bezel Sytem Wheels. Enjoy!


NEW 2008: Enkei LF-10 and Enkei LS-10 Wheels

Enkei Wheels, one of the world's largest and most experienced wheel manufacturers is showing that it is still an industry leader after all these years. For 2008, Enkei has debuted two wheels with an interchangable cap system that is sure to be a hit for the summer season.

Pictured here on a new Ford Mustang wheels are the Enkei LS-5 Wheels in 20 Inch staggered. The Enkei LS-5 Wheels are shown in Gloss Black with a Red Cap. This wheel is also available in Gloss Black with a chrome cap.

2008 NEW: R1 Racing Hype 18, 19, and 20 Inch Wheels Rims

New for 2008 is the R1 Racing Hype in Machined w/ Gunmetal in a Chrome Stainless Steel Lip and Machined w/ Black in a Black Lip. The Machined w/ Gunmetal has just landed to our warehouses and comes in 17×7 and 18×7.5 for front-wheel-drive applications.

The Machined w/ Black in a Black Lip comes in a staggered application specifically for sports cars such as the 350Z and G35. The Black Lip Limited Edition comes in 18×7.5, 19×8.5, and 20×8.5 for front-wheel-drive cars. For rear-wheel-drive cars, matching wider rear wheels are available in 19×9.5 and 20×10. The images below are of a custom color matched Black Lip Limited Edition R1 Racing Hype in 20″ Staggered wheel fitment.

2008 NEW: Axis Super Hiro 18 inch and 19 Inch Wheels Rims

An all new spin on a classic Axis Wheel design, the Black Super Hiro enlists the Axis Spectrum system to give a ring of color to the matte black finish that pioneers this new wheel trend.

The pinstriping is available in your choice of 8 standard colors in either the 6mm width or a 10mm width. This hand painted pinstripe gives you a one of a kind look, delivering the ultimate accent to your car's most noticeable styling upgrade: the wheels. For more details check out rimsdealer.com, the nation's largest retailer of Axis Wheels. You can contact rimsdealer.com by phone toll-free at 866-937-6398.

2008 New: Axis Halo 18 Inch Wheels Rims

The Axis Halo brings on a new trend in wheel design and automotive styling. An understated Black Matte finish is accented with our standard 6mm pinstripe in one of eight colors. Please see the color wheel to see all color options below.

The ring is created by a pin-striping process done in-house at Axis Wheels in California. After the Axis Halo wheel has been shipped from the Axis Wheels factory to Axis Wheels in California it is pinstriped by hand, one wheel at a time.

The Axis Halo Wheel is designed for a perfect fit on Evo, STi and staggered on the S2000 as well as other applications for many cars in the 18×8.5 and 18×9.5 sizes. The Halo can also sport a wider 10mm pinstripe, and/or the pinstripe can be painted a custom color of your choice. For more details check out rimsdealer.com, the nation's largest retailer of Axis Wheels. You can contact rimsdealer.com by phone toll-free at 866-937-6398.

2008 New: Tork Icon 20 Inch Wheels Rims

New for 2008 Tork Wheels takes their patented Stainless Steel Chrome Lips to the next level. Now you can get a 5 inch lip in the rear of their 20 inch wheels. This is an industry first for any 20 inch wheel application. This application will come in fitments specifically made for staggered wheels such as Nissan 350Z wheels, Infiniti G35/G37 wheels, BMW 5-Series wheels, and other staggered wheel fitments.

The wheel will come in two machined finishes. It will come in a “Machined w/ Black” finish and a “Machined w/ Gunmetal” finish. The wheel is set to be an instant classic with such a clean design.

For more information on Tork Wheels, visit torkwheels.com and check out their other new styles for 2008. As usual, to get a set for your ride surf rimsdealer.com, the number one retailer of Tork Wheels in North America.

2008 NEW: Axis Shadow 18×8 & 19×9 Inch Wheels Rims

New for 2008: Axis Shadow in 18×8 & 19×9 Inch Wheels Rims

Axis makes you the Lord of the Rings with the all new Axis Shadow! An all new style with 4 color choices on the lip, the Shadow is reminiscent of Axis' Spider and TC-Evo with a more angled look and anodized rings in 3 colors.

This all new style for the 2008 season, has 3 colored rings. The colored rings on the Shadow are swapable, and can be left off to reveal a satin finished lip. Each set of wheels comes with one set of rings. Additional sets of rings can also be ordered for an added cost. Available in 18 and 19 inch sizes for a wide range of cars, the colored rings will look great either matching or contrasting the color of your vehicle.

– Cool new ring swapping technology
– Original Design
– Sizes: 18×8 inch wheels, 19×8 inch wheels
– Colors: Black Flat

2008 NEW: Axis Racer-X in 15×7 &15×8 Inch Wheels Rims

New OG-Sans are in now! Racer-X 15×7 & 15×8 Inch Wheels Rims

One of the latest styles for Axis Wheels, the Racer-X turned heads at SEMA and is now available for turning heads on the street. The 15×7 fitment is perfect for any 4×100 car like the Civic, CRX, Scion xB and xA, Honda Fit and others that can use some Axis style. The rose gold lip is a brand new color that realy makes the Racer-X stand out, and comes in both the 15×7 and 15×8 sizes as well. To view the Axis Racer-X wheel check out rimsdealer.com

The Racer-X is a 4 spoked wheel that is simple in form, yet brings forward the design elemts popular in wheels today. The 15×7 has a generous 2 inch lip, and the one of a kind 15×8 has a 5 inch lip! This is done with a negative 27 offset, and can only fit the most extreme widebody fitments. Also the rose gold lip that comes on the black Racer-X is a real standout, and is unlike any other wheels on the market today. Available only in 15 inch diameters and with a 4×100 boltpattern, the Racer-X is a unique wheel that is going to go fast!