Nitrogen vs compressed air for Tires w/ Jay Leno

Filling up your tires with Nitrogen will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit the environment.

Drivers for Nascar wont fill up their tires with anything BUT Nitrogen. Commercial airlines are required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use nitrogen in airplane tires as well. Not to mention the U.S. Government, they use nitrogen to inflate tires in Military vehicles.

Lets face reality. About 85% of Americans don't regularly check tire pressure. Inflating tires with nitrogen reduces leakage. So unchecked tires would stay inflated and therefore will be safer for a longer period of time.

The Pro's of using nitrogen, not regular air, to inflate consumers tires contend as follows:

Air is composed of:

– 1% Water Vapor and Other Gases – Escapes up to 250 times faster than Nitrogen
– 21% Oxygen – Escapes 3-4 times faster than Nitrogen
– 78% Nitrogen – The largest molecule in air is dry and non-flammable.

Therefore, because of their large size, nitrogen molecules are the least permeable and stay in your tire longer keeping it inflated longer, giving you better fuel mileage, traction and control, keeping you safer on the road.

Get more out of your tires:

– Converting to nitrogen in tires can improve your fuel economy by up to 10% and increase your tire life by 25% or more.

You may ask yourself, WHAT IF MY TIRES ARE LOW AND I AM NOT NEAR A NITROGEN SERVICE CENTER? Well it wont harm your tires to top them off with regular air if necessary but the more air you put in, the less benefit you get from the remaining Nitrogen in your tire. It is important to get your tire re-filled with Nitrogen when possible.

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  1. this is insane i got my tires filled with nitrogen and thought it was all in my head that my steering felt lighter and my gas mileage went up!!!

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