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About 3-Piece Wheels


One of the advantages of owning a three-piece wheel set is that if one of the pieces is damaged, you simply have to replace that piece and not the entire wheel. But it is only an advantage if you know how to replace it. Now some manufacturers have begun to offer the option of having a ?Facelift? done on your wheels. This will allow you not only to fix it if something is broken, but you can also change the look if you choose to. But before making such a decision, here are a few things to think about.

First off, cost, how much will it set you back? The face comprises roughly 75 percent of the cost of a wheel. If the face needs to be replaced, then you could just spend the few hundred dollars more and get an entirely new set of wheels.

Another thing is the design of your wheels. Check with the manufacturer to make sure that the face will match up with the rivet hole pattern on your current wheel. Some have different patterns and if they don?t match up, you won?t be able to switch out your face. The three-piece wheel is comprised of the barrel, the lip, and the face and is assembled in that order; they are fastened together and sealed with a silicone seal to make up your wheel. The parts used to hold these together are the rivets. Usually they are high strength bolts that are fastened with nuts on the back of the wheel or the bolts that you don?t see called blind bolts, which are bolted into the face from behind the wheel through the inner and outer.

To some the having to wait a few days and sometimes even weeks to get their wheels back is the worst. Based on what wheel design you have, you could wind up with a design that requires 40 or 42 hole parts.

Below you?ll see how the shop goes about changing out the face.

Step One: Dismount
The tire is dismounted from the wheel and then it is inspected to see if the structural integrity has been compromised, if it has, you?ll be able to tell from any vibration you may experience.

Step Two: Break the Seal
The silicone seal is removed from the barrel and the surface is smoothed down to remove any residue remaining and to be sure that a clean surface the likeliness of leakage.

Step Three: Remount
The new face is the mounted and pressed into place. The bolts are then fastened and hand-tightened. The wheel is inspected afterwards and prescreened for flaws. Then, the bolts are torqued down to specifications in pattern to ensure the trueness of the wheel. The valve system may be changed out if needed.

Step Four: Quality Assurance
The wheel is checked on last time before being sealed. It will take about a day or two for the silicone seal to take before the tire can be mounted to the wheel. Some companies such as AM Forged Wheels and HRE Performance Wheels take quality assurance even a step further by being the only two companies in the industry that test every wheel they ship to ensure proper seal.

To ensure that AM Forged wheels are seal guaranteed, every single AM Forged wheel is tested by their Airtight Component Sealing System (ACSS). The ACSS is comprised of a 3-step process that guarantees a non-leak seal on all AM Forged wheels. The process begins with the use of a proprietary chemical compound to prepare the aluminum materials to better bind in assembly. After this prep work, AM Forged then applies their custom formula silicone sealant and allow it to bind through their 24-Hour curing step. After curing, the patent pending leak test device is used to ensure that the seal on all the wheels are leak proof before shipping.

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