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How To Change The Brake Fluid


A car?s brake fluid should not leak during normal operation. It is still recommended that you check the brake fluid every three months and change it once a year. If you think that there is a leak due to persistently low brake fluid levels, take your car to a service station.

If you decide to change the brake fluid yourself, make absolutely sure that water does not get into the brake system; water will reduce the braking system?s effectiveness, putting you in danger. Never change brake fluid in the rain.

? The brake fluid reservoir is the translucent hard plastic canister that sits above the master brake cylinder in the part of the engine closest to the driver?s seat. If you can not find it, consult your owner?s manual.
? The brake fluid reservoir should have a line that indicates when it is full. Since the reservoir is usually made of translucent plastic, you can check the level without having to remove the cap.
? If brake fluid is low, remove the reservoir?s cap and fill the canister to the full line. Most cars use a type of brake fluid called DOT 3 or DOT 4. Check your owner?s manual to see which one is appropriate for you vehicle. If the reservoir has two halves, fill both. Avoid overfilling.
? Many cars made before 1980 have brake fluid reservoirs made of metal rather than plastic. For these, you?ll have to remove the cap to check the fluid levels.

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