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How To Check The Belt And Hoses


Broken belts and hoses are among the most common causes of breakdowns. You should check your belts and hoses every time you check your motor oil.

How to Check Belts
Check every belt in your car. When you do, pay close attention to the following:

? Wear on the belts: Look for cracks, brittleness, fraying, or a glazed shininess.
? Wear on the pulleys: Look for spots where the belt?s rubber has built up on the metal wheels that drive the belts.
? Belt tension: Poke your finger against the longest length of the belt. The belt should give around a 1/2 inch to a full inch. No more, no less.
? Belt alignment: Make sure that the belts line up straight with the drive pulleys.
? Squealing sounds from the engine: These often indicate worn or damaged belts.

If you see or hear any of these warning signs, take your car into a service station. Belts should be replaced once a year.

How to Check Hoses
The warning signs for faulty hoses are as follows; holes, cracks, oil stains, or a sweet burning smell (which comes from leaked coolant). Badly damaged hoses may even be collapsed. If you find any of these warning signs, take your car to a service station as soon as possible. Hoses should be replaced once a year.

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