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How To Check Tire Treads For Wear


Even when you rotate your tire when you should, your tire treads will eventually wear down and the tires will need to be replaced. Exactly how long it will take for the treads to wear depends on the tires you have, how you drive, and the road conditions you drive on most often.

Most tires have tread wear indicators, which are the horizontal bands of hard rubber that become visible as the tire tread wears away. If you can see the indicators you should purchase new tires.

Patterns of Tread Wear
A tire?s pattern of wear can indicate problems with the car or with how you drive:

? Extra wear on one edge: Wheels need alignment.
? Random Bald Spots: Needs a balance or shocks.
? Extra Wear in the middle of a tire: Indicates over inflation.
? Extra Wear on both sides of a tire: Indicates under inflation.
? Extra wear on the edges of the front tires: You take turns too fast.

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