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How To Check The Washer Fluid


The windshield-washer fluid reservoir is a clear plastic canister usually located close to the windshield. It?s typically labeled with the words ?washer fluid? or with a small wiper icon on the cap.

Be careful not to mistake the windshield-washer fluid reservoir for the coolant reservoir?the markings and location should make it clear which is which. If you are still unsure which one is which, consult your owner?s manual.

? Check the fluid against the ?full? and ?low? markings on the tank to see whether or not you need to add more.
? Use a funnel to add the washer fluid to the reservoir. It?s best to buy concentrated washing fluid and diluting it with water before adding it, rather than pouring the fluid and water into the reservoir separately. Always follow the directions on the bottle of the windshield-washer fluid first before inserting into the tank.

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