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Improve Gas Mileage by over 13%

Improve Gas Mileage by over 13%

Two simple steps can save you hundreds of dollars each year in gas costs
Instead of driving all over town looking for cheaper gas, consider this: A little more air in the right places can save you a lot of gas -- and money. It is simple: More air in your tires, and a clean air filter. And this money-saving tip won't take you even 15 minutes a month.

Change that Air Filter...
You can increase gas mileage up to 10% just by changing your air filter, according to the EPA's site. The air filter is a piece of thick corrugated paper with a rubber ring around it. And boy, does it get dirty. This dirt prevents your engine from getting enough clean air. It's very easy to change the air filter on many cars. Most filters cost $5 to $15. Two screws or a couple of clips, five minutes, and it's replaced.

Keep Tires Inflated...
The EPA estimates that for every 1 psi of under-inflation, fuel economy drops by 0.4%. That's not much, but if the tires are under-inflated by 8 pounds, that's a 3.2% drop in fuel economy. About 1.2 billion gallons of fuel are wasted annually due to under-inflated tires, the NHTSA estimated in 2005. One easy way not to lose air pressure in the first place is to fill your tires with nitrogen instead of regular air. Thousands of nitrogen fill stations exist all over the country and a nitrogen fill is usually under $20 bucks. Because nitrogen is a larger molecule then air

Save Over 13% on Gas Mileage
So, by changing your air filter and pumping up tires that were under-inflated by 8 pounds, you're likely to get a 13.2% improvement in your fuel mileage.

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