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How To Jump-Start Car Battery


In order to perform the following, you will need a car that runs normally and a set of jumper cables (6-gauge wires that are 12-18ft long). If not jumped properly, a battery can explode, so it is recommended that you wear some sort of eye protection.

? Not every car nowadays is capable of jumping or getting jumped. Consult the owner?s manuals of both cars before the jump to make sure both cars are capable.
? Pull the running car close enough to the dead one so that you can connect the cables, but do not let them touch.
? Make sure that at this point the cars are off. Also, remove all electronic devices from the car(s).
? Open the hoods of both cars, and make sure that none of the cable clamps touch each other. It is also recommended that you not have any part of the cables in the engine wells since they could get caught in moving parts.
? Connect the cables in the following manner:
? Connect the red cable to the positive terminal (+) on the dead car?s battery.
? Perform step A to the running car?s battery.
? Connect one end of the black cable to the negative terminal (-) on the running car?s battery.
? Connect the other end of the black cable to a clean, unpainted metal surface.
? Take a second to make sure that the cables won?t get caught in any of the engines? moving parts. ? Start the running car, and let it idle for 3 to 5 minutes.
? Attempt to start the dead car, should be unable to start, wait five minutes and try again.
? Once the dead car starts, remove the cables in the reverse order described above in step 5.
? Keep the what- was-dead car running for 30 minutes to allow the battery to fully recharge. You may also choose to take the car to an auto shop to have the battery tested.

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