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Potholes And Road Hazards


Well son, potholes come from storks who deliver little baby potholes. Oh no, wait! Wrong story sorry, we are talking about potholes here, those pesky little things that we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Potholes are actually created over a period of time.

Step 1
Potholes are formed following rain or snow which sinks into the cracks of the road causing it to wet the soil beneath the road.

Step 2
The water now under the road freezes when the temperature drops low enough causing the ground to push upward on the road.

Step 3
When the temperature returns to normal, the pavement may remain raised above the ground making an air pocket between the soil and the road.

Step 4
The air pocket is then broken when vehicles drive over it, thus creating a hole in the road, or pothole.

The most effective way of dealing with a pothole is to avoid it completely. Pay attention to the road, especially after rain and snow. The second best way to deal with a pothole is to have your wheels insured through special niche programs such as the Road Hazard Policy. For a minimal up front cost, these programs cover very expensive wheels for thousands of dollars.

In actually dealing with them though, there is one simple secret. If you are forced to run over a pothole, make sure you accelerate over the pothole so that the weight of the car transferred to the rear. By stepping on the brakes, the entire car?s weight is shifted to the front and will cause more damage when hitting the pothole. It is just physics. We obviously don?t condone speeding, but if you are to accelerate instead of brake, this greatly reduces the chances that your damage will be catastrophic and you will live to drive another day. ation weakens the structural integrity of the tire as well. It is important to always make sure that your tires are at the proper pressure and are maintained and check regularly.

Potholes are not the things you have to worry about on the road. There are many other things on the road that give many wheel enthusiasts lose sleep at night. Here are some other examples of road hazards that can put a ding in your rollers.

These are ridges in the road that are caused by heavy traffic flow over time, mainly found near busy intersections.

Pooled Water
Pooled water is exactly what you think it is, large pools of water can be found in areas where there is a significant low point in the road, thus after a rain it may fill with water and actually conceal large dangerous potholes.

Manhole Covers
Although seemingly safe, manhole covers can be broken, cracked, not fit on properly or even missing, resulting in possible damage if run over in a car.

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