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How To Check The Power Steering Fluid


The power steering fluid is located in a round, clear plastic, or sometimes a metal reservoir near one end of the power steering belt. If you can not find it, consult your owner?s manual. The cap on the reservoir usually says ?power steering? or has a mark similar to the steering wheel to show that it contains power steering fluid. Many power steering fluid reservoirs have ?hot? or ?cold? level indicators. If the engine has been running recently, the fluid in the reservoir should reach the ?hot? level. If the car has been off for a while, the fluid should be at the ?cold? level.

? If the reservoir is made of translucent plastic, you will be able to check the fluid levels just by looking at the side of the reservoir. If the reservoir is made of metal, unscrew the cap. The cap may or may not have a dipstick attached to it.
? To add power steering fluid, use a funnel to pour the proper amount into the reservoir. Check your owner?s manual to find out which kind of fluid you should use.

Power steering fluid typically gets low only if there is a leak. If the fluid is persistently low, take the car to a service station to check for a leak.

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