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How To Touch Up Your Car


Before you can touch up any scratches or scrapes on your car?s paint, you have to buy the right paint. The paint needs to match your car?s color and it also must match the type of paint that is on your car (i.e. lacquer or enamel). To match the color, you will need your car?s color code. This information should be printed in the owner?s manual or in a tag posted on the interior of the car; usually it is located on the inside of the driver?s side door. If you can not find the code, you can also call the manufacturer to get the information you need. Touch-up paint comes in both spray and bottle form. For small scratches and scrapes, a bottle may be better for your situation.

In addition to the paint, you should buy lacquer or enamel paint primer. Items that you will also need include some rubbing alcohol, sandpaper, and precision touch-up applicators.

? Using the rubbing alcohol, clean the area that needs retouching. Then you must scrape it clean of rust, paint, and dirt.
? Next, sand the area if it needs smoothing. When sanding, be sure to keep both the paper and the metal wet.
? Protect the surrounding areas of the car with layers of newspaper and masking tape.
? From about an inch away, spray the area with primer and let it dry for a half hour. Smooth it with wet sandpaper and clean with rubbing alcohol.
? Finally, apply the paint just as you applied primer. Apply many thin layers of paint rather than just one thick layer.

To fix the major scrapes or other imperfections in your car?s finish, take the car to a auto body paint shop.

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