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Upsizing Wheels


Since man invented the first wheel ages ago, there has been the male impulse to have the biggest and the best of anyone out there. With the inception of the custom 20-inch wheels in the 1990s, the craze has led custom wheel manufacturers to saturate the market with high quality custom wheels and tires. The evidence of that fact is there, with manufacturers constantly trying to one-up each other by releasing not only 20 inch wheels, but also 22, 25, 26, and even 30 inch wheels.

The practical mind thinks that such big wheels can only belong to giant trucks and SUVs. Fortunately, those that think outside the box have found ways to stylishly fit these wheels on their mid-size sedans and even compacts. But there is a method to their madness. The biggest thing to figure out is how to fit larger diameter wheels on any vehicle. The key is the use of ultra-low profile tires. They allow a bigger wheel to fit since it tucks into the fender-wells and avoids interfering with the fender lips and suspension components. The ultra-low profile tires are the state of the art when it comes to tire technology. Their short sidewalls are capable of supporting the weight of the heavier vehicles and they absorb the shock of road hazards and irregularities you may encounter while driving.

Most cars in today?s industry are capable of rolling on 22s. The strides taken by manufacturers have allowed the consumer a wider array of not only custom designs, but sizes as well. Dealers now are offering custom wheel packages that include larger wheels. Aftermarket wheel manufacturers are seeing a boom in demand for their products as the craze has hit the streets.

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