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How To Wash And Polish Your Car


Cleaning your car is important for more than just looks. Clean cars are also less vulnerable to the elements and avoid rust.

How to Wash Your Car
? If possible, park your car in a shady place out of direct sunlight (to allow your car to dry evenly).
? Prepare a bucket of soapy water, mixing car wash soap with water according to the directions listed on the back of the bottle. Car soap is better than other kinds of soap because it?s designed to be gentler on the car?s paint.
? Rinse the car with a good hosing of water. Start with the top and work down, beginning with the roof and ending with the tires.
? Wash and rinse the car in sections. Work from the top to the bottom. Wash and rinse the roof, then the sides, then the hood, and then the trunk.
? Wash and rinse each wheel.
? Give the car one more total rinse with the hose, working from top to bottom.
? Dry the car with a towel, working from top to bottom. Dry with the cloth flat against the surface, and wipe backward in a straight line. To avoid streaks, do not use a circular motion.
? Wash the windows with a glass cleaner.
? Use a clean cloth to rub spots off the chrome.

How to Polish Your Car
? Polish the car only after it has been washed. Polishing a dirty car won?t have any effect because dirt will not allow the polish to touch the finish.
? Make sure to use car polish on your car. Read and follow the instructions on your specific polish.
? Work on only one part of the car at a time (roof, hood, doors, etc.).
? Apply to a clean terrycloth towel a dab of polish about one inch in diameter. Using a circular motion, rub the polish over the car. Give the polish a few minutes to dry, then buff with a (different) clean terrycloth towel in the opposite direction you applied it with.
? Repeat for each section of the car.

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