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Wheel Alignment


There are many different factors that help your car go straight. Most important is the angle of the wheels which needs to be adjusted appropriately and accurately to ensure that the car will continue straight on the road.

One factor is called castor, which is the degree the wheel is situated ahead or behind the top mount which helps restore the wheel back to straight when the wheel is turned.

Another element in alignment is camber, or the tilt inward or outward of the wheels. It is considered positive camber if the top of the wheel is pointing outward and negative camber when the top of the wheel is pointing inward.

King pin offset, or the distance from where the suspension axis intersects the axis of the tire?s contact patch, affects the vehicle steering, braking, and handling characteristics.

Finally, toe is the measurement difference in the difference between the front of the tires and the back of the tires for only two tires. Toe-in refers to the front end of the tires to be closer together and toe-out refers to the back end of the tires to be closer together.

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