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Toyo tires are the manufactures of passenger and truck tires as well as huge monster off-road tires. From the beginning of the tuner and off-road aftermarket craze, Toyo tires have always been huge. As sponsors of some of the first aftermarket car shows, Toyo tires has always supported the industry with sponsorships and some of the best tires for competition and racing. Toyo is current one of the top sponsors of drift racing tires in the United States, and continues to be on the leading edge of the market with their latest offerings. Some classic Toyo tires that have stood the test of time are the Toyo Proxes. The Toyo Proxes tires are some of the best selling performance tuner tires of all time. With the Toyo Proxes 4, Toyo Proxes FZ4, and the latest competition offering, the Toyo Proxes R1R, Toyo tires has a line-up that dominates almost all other high-performance tires on and off the track. Toyo pioneered the development of vehicle-specific tires, as well as ultra high-performance sport radial tires. Of course, advanced polymer technology played a role in these breakthroughs, but they were also made possible by Toyo?s original Dynamic Stability Optimized Contact (DSOC) theory technology that was first utilized in 1988. Toyo introduced an updated version of this technology, called DSOC II, in 1995. The latest ?T mode? technology is based on DSOC II, but is even more precise and evolutionary.


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