NEW 2008: Gianelle Cameleon Face Changing Wheels Rims

Gianelle Wheels, manufactured by WTW Corp., the same manufacturers of Giovanna Wheels, has created a new patented system to give the auto wheel enthusiast several wheel options in one wheel. The Gianelle Wheel's Cameleon Wheel offers a solid chrome wheel or black wheel with interchangeable high-grade plastic faces. These different Cameleon wheel faces allow users to choose multiple designs from one set of Gianelle wheels.

All 3 faces are included in the purchase of a set of Gianelle Cameleon wheels. Best of all is that the faces can be interchanged in minutes. So with the Gianelle Cameleon, its like getting 3 sets of wheels for the price of one. Lastly, as will almost all Giovanna Wheels, Gianelle Wheels, Giovanna Forged Wheels, Dbl-G Wheels, and Koko Kuture Wheels, all made by WTW Corp., the Cameleon can also be used with the Koko Kuture Bezel System. For a direct link to pricing and sizing on the Gianelle Cameleon wheel click on any of the images and you will be taken to the Gianelle Wheels page on

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  1. So I get actually 4 wheels because I can use the 3 caps and then without any caps. Cool concept. Actually I can use also with the Bezel system and get so many more combos. Who would have thought that wheels would come so far…

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