Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback….WE APPRECIATE IT

For the past 7 years, rimsdealer has received many complaints, reviews, and feedback on purchases with us. We have setup many new customer service strategies and processes to improve our service to the customer. None of this would be possible if customers just purchased from us and ran. Our new services means a lot too us and we consider this a great achievement thanks to all of our dedicated customers.

Here is an update on our company:

*Shipping over 100 sets a day
*Lowest prices on the world wide web for custom rims and tires
*Currently hold the best machinery for mounting and high speed balancing

rimsdealer complaints=

We could not have succeeded in these achievements if it was not for those rimsdealer complaints, reviews, and feedbacks sent to us over the years.

rimsdealer Management,

4 thoughts on “Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback….WE APPRECIATE IT

  1. My son ordered a set of wheels and tires from rimsdealer while at sea in the Persian gulf, He received his wheels and they looked so good on his car. Thank you rimsdealer. No Complaints from us. Great review

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