Preview wheels on your car!

It is finally here. The all new Wheel Visualizer will change the way you shop for wheels.

I'm sure you all have seen wheel visualizers in the market, but not like this one. With abilities such as sharing your cars with your friends, direct linking to our shopping cart, and saved sessions that can be edited by your friends or family, its no wonder we have over 3000 users on day 1. Come preview some wheels on your car today and enjoy our cutting edge technology.

Preview wheels on my car=

Simple Instructions:
1 – Upload your vehicle side image. Use a side angle view.
2 – Select your vehicle year, make and model;
3 – Choose wheels you want to display on your vehicle and scale them to fit;
4 – Click the plus sign to duplicate your vehicle image and display more wheels on your car;
5 – Browse the numbers at the bottom to compare the wheels on your vehicle;
6 – Click the “buy button” to see the sizes and prices for the wheel you have selected (in a new window)

Click here to Preview wheels on your car now!

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