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Nitto MUD tires

MUD Tire image may vary and for ilustration purposes only*
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Tire Categories


33/1350/15 $1,230.00
35/1450/15 $1,587.00
38/50/15 $1,761.00
305/70/16 $1,293.00
315/75/16 $1,443.00
385/70/16 $1,791.00
33/1250/17 $1,299.00
37/1350/17 $1,794.00
40/1350/17 $2,298.00
33/1250/18 $1,548.00
35/1250/18 $1,770.00
37/1350/18 $1,920.00
38/1550/18 $2,136.00
33/1250/20 $1,803.00
35/1250/20 $1,914.00
37/1350/20 $2,190.00
38/1550/20 $2,397.00
40/1550/20 $2,904.00
37/1350/22 $2,463.00
40/1550/22 $3,426.00

* Price in US dollars. Minimum order 4 tires (no exceptions).

Tire Size

Tire Section Width: This number represents the section width of the tire across the widest point of the tire's outer sidewall to the widest point of its inner sidewall once mounted on the appropriate wheel. This number is in metric millimeters. To convert from millimeters to inches, divide the section width by 25.4. For example, a section width of 205mm is equal to 8.07inches (205mm/25.4 = 8.07inches).

Tire Size Sidewall: This number represents the tire size's sidewall height from the rim of the tire to the tread of the tire. A number of 40 indicates that the sidewall is 40% of the tire's section width. The higher the number is the taller the tire. This number can be referred to as the tires profile, series, or aspect ratio.

Tire Diameter: This number represents the tire's diameter. Tire and wheel diameters are designed to match. For example, a tire with a diameter of 17inches fits a wheel with a diameter of 17inches

Uniform Tire Quality Grading System

Treadwear: The UTQG treadwear grade indicates how long your tire tread will last in relation to other tires. For instance, a tire with a grade of 500 will last twice as long as a tire with a grade of 250, according to how it performed in the treadwear test.

Traction: The UTQG traction grade rates the ability of your tire to stop on wet pavement. AA, A, B, C are the different types of traction grades.Tires with an AA grade stop faster on wet pavement than those with a C grade.

Temperature: The UTQG temperature grade indicates the ability of your tire to dissipate the heat generated by driving. Over time, heat can cause damage to your tires.Temperature resistance is given one of the following grades, which you will find on the sidewall of your tire:A, B, C.All tires sold in the United States must have at least a C rating.

Service Description: A service description identifies the tire's load index and speed rating. It can be found on the sidewall of the tire after the size listing.The load index is the tire size's assigned numerical value used to compare relative load carrying capabilities. The speed rating is a letter denoting a fixed maximum speed capability.

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